Thursday, September 2, 2010


Being raised in a religious household is an advantage. You keep yourself grounded in times of trouble. But I was lucky to get enough space to form my own opinion.

From what I observe, the more a person shows off his religious fervor and rituals the less he is obliged to practice the essentials in his life. In other words the external demonstration is inversely proportional to the internal quality.

I feel the religious awareness has been on a very high in the recent decade. But the faithful fail to identify the essence of the teachings.

As a simple example- if we believe God is all powerful, why should we bother to defend him when someone else makes a bad remark about him?

So when someone asks me what my dream girl should be like…I reply- Of the numerous qualities, no one should tell her religion by her dressing gear or her mannerisms or other symbols.


Vencora said...

interesting assessment. for the most part, i think i agree.

BK Chowla, said...

It is a very complex issue.As for a match for one is concerned, I think and I believe that it is all destiny and nothing can change it.
Religious awareness in India has become an emotional issue.In the last about 8-10 yrs , religion has bee(mis) used by politicians and that has distorted .Though I can write a lot on this subject, but as I said it is a very sensitive issue and would rather leave it here.

Susan Deborah said...


A very interesting topic this one. Not all children follow the religion that was their parents'. These days everyone picks what they want, like from a supermarket shelf. Inspite of that I firmly believe that children should have some religious training as they grow (if the parents are religious, that is). Religion for me is more a way of life rather than rituals, customs and traditions.
As for your other argument on defending our faith, I think being silent is good to a certain extent. Talking to people who are highly prejudiced will yield no effective result.

And I like how you finally zone in to your favourite topic: Girls! These days which girl's religion can be identified by her dressing style and other paraphernalia? All of them are similarly dressed and even fake accents are donned by every single person!!! Globalisation has rendered everything homogenous so don't worry about anyone finding out your girl's religion!!!

Lots of fodder for thought, this post has.

Joy always,

Jon said...

@BKC sir and susan
My future partner was just irrelevant here....haha. But why I mentioned this was I came across some people who refuse to celebrate Onam 'cos it was a Hindu festival!

I just can't agree. I believe taking part in the joy and sorrow of my brother is more spiritual than going to church

@BKC sir..not just the politicians...even the Kings have misused the relegions for their own benefits infact relegion has been a political tool from time immemorial

@Susan...yea the supermarket shopping is one another issue. You like it or not relegion is a part of identity. Being multi-relegious, I can't agree

Rachna said...

I agree that those who make a big show of their religion are actually lacking in grasping the essential principles. I am a tolerant being and am very comfortable participating in all festivals. That is the beauty, in a way, of Indian culture; we are exposed to so many fascinating religions.

Jon said...

yea...and since we live amidst so many variety of faith....christians shouldn't approach christianity as westerners do and Muslims shouldnt approach Islam as Arabs do

Praveen said...

modern day religion is to flaunt...religion is the gold and money your pour into the exchequers of temples and churches... more and more people are warming up to the idea of wearing their religion on their sleeve...
But then there are few who does make the difference...and thats where hope lies...and ur girl too :P

rohini said...

religion and dressing..and beliefs...i still have a question...when one body anatomy does a religion affects the internally..

Tys on Ice said...

i applaud thee...its wht i heard my mother ask a young man who works with us : when did ur religion shift from ur heart to ur face?