Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Women are from Venus

Happy Onam….. Don’t try to reach me hereafter….somehow I and my boyfriend feel that our friendship might not turn out to be for good….So goodbye!
I stared at the screen in wonder.

Female species have continued to baffle and petrify me. I am positive that I wouldn’t be the only man in the world to come up with this opinion. I stand in the league of world’s greatest philosophers and thinkers.
‘She’ is a personality whom I haven’t met (at least not in reality). Here is a few online conversations we shared.

(We were chatting about a family function at her home)
Me: So what all food are going to be there for the occasion?
She: why are you so concerned about that?
Me: I wanted to know how you guys do your functions
She: Please do not show any concern on me? I am already engaged to another person.
Me: Huh?
(We were chatting about a sly manager)
Me: I will crush his balls
She: Balls?
Me: Uh-huh.. It’s nothing
She: Please tell me…. What balls are you talking about?
Me: Something related with male anatomy.
Me: (concerned) You there?
She: How dare you talk filth to me?
Me: Filth?
She: Balls
Me: Ball isn’t a bad word!
(We were chatting about her Mr. Cool )
She: You know I am worried about him.
Me: Why?
She: He drives his car so fast and does so much adventure.
Me: No worries…ambulance services are very fast in UK. They even use helicopters.
Me: What is your guy’s name?
She: No girl is supposed to tell her guy’s name.
Me: Then what am I supposed to call him
She: You can call him ‘breeze’
Me: How can I do that? ‘Breeze’ is a ladies inner wear manufacturing company.


Rachna said...

Funny conversations :) And, yes the female species do baffle a lot of men :)

TomaHawk said...

U continue to amuse me with ur knack in handling the opposite sex. Itz better dat it is thru online.. i don wanna c some one thrashing u....

Jon said...

@Rachna....:) Thanx

@Tomahawk...I fear the guy catching a plane from UK and worst of all the 'Not Here'

BK Chowla, said...

I think and I find women and their conversation(subject immaterial)very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Jon - don't even try to understand us, we don't understand ourselves!

Purba said...

And why did you put up with her for so long?

Jon said...

@Purba...u know I like to irritate people upto a point...and my sister is the no.1 victim of mine


@BK sir... yea but they get too preachy and impractical

Susan Deborah said...

I guess women are highly reactive based on their moods. If the same question is asked at different times, you might get different answers. One should be patient, tolerant and ready-to-face anything while conversing with women. But does not make women complicated or complex. I can cite many instances where men have behaved incoherently and the red card could be given to them. All humans are susceptible to mood-swings, hormonal cycles, and other things. Just remember that you caught one of the women (you were referring to) in a bad timing. That's it.

Did I make some sense here? Hope I did!

Joy always,

Destiny's child... said...

She gave you the red card on all occasions? And that final one too, yes, the one on top?

YOU could have shown her the card after that first instance 'do not show concern for me'! How silly was that?!

Of course, I am in the dark about what led to it. Would u like to add something there? :p

Jon said...

Yea...she did give the Red card always

The reason y i didnt do that...I have replied to Purba
.u know I like to irritate people upto a point...and my sister is the no.1 victim of mine

Praveen said...

laval red card kaanichathil oru albhuthavum illa :P