Friday, September 17, 2010


Monsoon is a beautiful season. But it’s the time of the year when Kerala is besought with all sorts of fever.

Thankfully, I had no bout of fever this time. I wonder why was I spared when everyone else coughed and sneezed around.

Then the last night I went out for partying. I am a teetotaler, but that night I took a sip from every single variety available. To make matters worse I even had a (dry) sip of whiskey which burnt the interiors. May be it’s the potent mix, I woke up with a temperature. Guess I will have to spend this weekend in bed.

Speaking of fevers, I believe after human race, the next species to inhabit the world is going to be virus. Did you know that viral fevers can cause you renal failure? This is not hearsay, I personally know people who went through that.

The paper cup, which was supposed to be a revolutionary invention can turn out to be another cause of human extinction. A colleague of mine had some gastro failure. Doctors found his digestive system coated with wax. They pointed out the cause to be the regular use of paper cups at office. You feel stressed, bored or you simply may need a chit chat. You run to the nearest coffee machine. The hot coffee in the cup melts the glue and over a period of time you accumulate as much as wax inside you to end this miserable life.

The beautiful world of ours is a dangerous place!!!


BK Chowla, said...

So very often one reads of inputs which can damage one's internal system leading to some or the other virus.This time it is the paper cup.
Monsoon,invariably brings in virus.Delhi is experiencing the worse of it's kind this year.

Susan Deborah said...


Hope you are doing better now. Strange fits one comes through while having fevers and the like. Why such a depressing last line, John. There are small pockets of joy where we can find ourselves oblivious to the danger, isn't it?

Take care and get well soon.

Joy always,

Rachna said...

oh well, your fever must be related to having a hangover. And, yes you are right about paper cup. I read about this somewhere else too. Happy to know that you are conscious about these environmental concerns. We need the youth of our country to be aware and to take action. Hope you have recovered from your fever. My elder son was sick just a couple of days back with viral fever.

Praveen said...

neee kudiyum thudangiyaadey?>:P

and paper cup..ayyo:(

Mingled Minds said...

ohhhwwww.. get well soon buddy... but research's show tht getting fever once in a year is good for health as it improves our immunity...
and thanx for the cup info... will look out for that... :D
in b/w many many toxic substences are jus lying arnd us...this world is indeed a dangerous place ...

Gd Nyt..

Farila said...

I have never loved the disposable cups or plates.. I am sort of possessive of my cups ;). If I get used to one type of mug I stick to it until some tragedy takes it away from me... I am glad now that I am a freak.

Destiny's child... said...

Thank God I don't drink tea or coffee! But seriously, if we think tooooo much about hygiene, safety etc, we might as well end up dead!

Purba said...

Styrofoam cups are a health hazard, especially if you are having your coffee in it.