Saturday, June 5, 2010

Two Guys

Sorry for the late follow up of my earlier post. When I am grumbling about sweet nothings, here are some people going through tough times.


He comes from my college days. He is unimaginably well read, well informed and well talented. No one could hold up with him in a debate. He had a group of friends very good in skits. They were the University champions at a time when it was unimaginable for a technical college to win a cultural competition.

I met him again, but this time he had donned the garb of a professional. Days of revolution were over. He was excelling in his profession too when he met with an accident. A couple in his neighborhood offered him a lift. The driver made a bad mistake.

He was recovering from the facial surgeries when the kidneys failed.

I have seen him sleeping on the sofas in our office, too drained after dialysis. For someone to live on sympathy is close to humiliating. The financial needs didn’t allow him the liberty of taking a leave! But thankfully his team quite understood and allowed him enough space for treatment. A rather unseen emotion in the corporate sector is understanding!

The way he fights on with his life is amazing. In a government office there will be people with disabilities. But at a place, where people are on a race to look good, to stand out because of your difficulties is tough. But I have seen Bhaskar valiantly going on. Revolution never dies.

By God’s grace I am involved in fund collection for his kidney transplant. I am trying to shore up people through various contacts. But people have become too insensitive to respond. I am not being judegemental, but the fund collection could have been peanuts if everyone had put at least 10-200 Rs(remember the lowest salary among us is 20k)


Although he is a distant relative of mine, I heard of him only after his illness. Fighting cancer is more of a family affair. It drains you psychologically as well as financially. When you have a troubled family cancer is not a great idea.

Ashiq’s dad was a chronic drunkard. He is a loving family man but had this great habit of getting drunk every night. After a drunken brawl he lost the mobility of his right arm. So when Ashiq was diagnosed with Cancer he was totally at sea. The family stayed at my uncle’s place during the time of treatment. In fact this was a treatment for his dad too.

He recovered gradually and happiness came back into the household. He had lost one year in his school but he did cope up very well.

Last day I heard he is preparing for an entrance for Medicine. It’s a costly process and probably time consuming. He requested me for my old clothes which I happily offloaded.

It must have been his own sufferings that ignited his passion for medicine. If he succeeds he will become one of the best doctors.

Guys does these people need sympathy alone?


buttercup said...

touching...kudos to bhaskar and ashiq to face life with this sort of courage...

Doing a good deed huh...good for u :D

BK Chowla, said...

This is my first visit here.
Will come back.

Mingled Minds said...

its sad to hear such stories...there are millions of people like bhaskar and ashiq all over the world whose stories are unheared... jus after hearing those stories we realise how lucky we guys are... god bless all of us!!! tak care..

thanx for ur wishes :D...gud nyt.. :)

Rachna said...

Such touching stories! Health is something we take for granted, but it is something that affects us the most. Kudos to your efforts to help out your friends in need. And you are right, people should be more giving when it comes to helping out the needy.

Happy Kitten said...

Thanks for posting about Bhaskar and Ashiq in such a touching/sensitive manner

... they are the real heroes of this world.. may the good force of this world be with them...

Jon said...

@buttercup,rachna,kitten,mingled minds....Thank you all...Thanx 4 the encouragement

@BK Chowla...Thanx for dropping by :)

As for update...Bhaskar's surgery has been postponed due to some health complications/ Request you prayers...
As for his family its gettin tough...trying to shore up some money but at the same time worrying abt the medical part!

rohini said...

oh god! very touchy stories...wat ever u said about helping the needy is very correct....very few follow this era who is concerened about others worries...

we all pray for him and for his family too...and wish u also positive luck for all the deeds ....