Monday, June 7, 2010

Some women, Few questions

Things were dull that day. I decided to spice up things a bit. It could be masala films, songs, magazine, etc. But this time I started stalking through masala blogs and my favorite one is by ‘a beautiful blogger’.

The beautiful girl was narrating the travails of being young and beautiful. She was groped and stared at lecherously all over Mumbai. The valiant and chivalrous blogger followers of her decided to pour acid, burn, lynch and hang him until death. Sadly, I couldn’t stop laughing. I guess I am losing all kinds of sensitivities towards the fairer sex.

I have a few questions for you guys to answer:

Why do men stare at a woman? I always found this tough to answer. If you put a piece of clothing over the chest or butts it become a mound of flesh. Then what gives him the arousal!

There was a time when all the women in the world went topless (in fact it’s still the case in many parts of Africa) and men went around in tiny bits of loin clothes. Imagine the situation if men got a hard-on. They could have got themselves into bad accidents even. Still we haven’t seen or read or heard of men of those times collectively walking with a gun salute.

Why men of those times didn’t bother about wide variety of breasts around them? Today even a slight peek of cleavage can cause a huge rush to cinema theatres (or wherever it is)!

Does marriage satisfy the sexual urge? I was at a shady place to get some pirated DVDs. A well dressed man came with a small kid (2-3 years). He asked the shopkeeper for porn.

Do women consciously dress provocatively? A female chauvinist will argue that women have all the freedom in the world to dress/undress the way they want to.

I have no difference of opinion in that. But does it mean that men have to walk with heads bowed down and eyes on the ground because their female friends decided to exercise their freedom?

So why do women dress in skin tight dresses, lower necks or higher hemlines? Is it because they feel comfy in the states of undress? Or is it for attention? Well in the second case it’s not women’s attention they seek for!

Do women enjoy being stared at? This would be a tricky question. Thanks to my dirty mind, I would say no man looks at the breasts or butts to marvel the art of nature and to thank the almighty. There is a bad intention. Some men hide it and some find it tough to do so. The men from second category involve themselves in acts like cam hidden in bathroom, sneak-peek, groping, passing sexual innuendos and maybe even utilising a paid service.

But if the person who stares is handsome and attractive, then the lady is pleased. Or if the guy is old and resembles a crook, he will escape with a nasty stare in return (if he is lucky).

Afterword: There is dress code to be followed in most of the work places across India. If it’s disobeyed by a man in anyway, he will find the HR watch dogs hiding around the corners. But women are more than welcome to break the code. Men, we are all plain losers.


rohini said...

hahaha,.,,nice qtns..,,,
the first qtn's can be answered by men only..i can only say one loves wat one doesnt have...
second mariages definitely satisfy sexual urge...for wat purpose do we marry then..although this is nt the only purpose...the purposes increase once u marry..
dress provocatively---hmm ...u may say so,.smtimes its rite..even i dnt understnd how can one feel comfortable in tight dress and neck a way its a test too for the much u can resist...the who resists wins the battle...hhihhi
being stared...yes girls love it...when stared by good/handsome this for the men too...y do they only stare beauties and nt the ugly ones...hai na...?
recently i have heard that one bank has banned sexy girls...i doubt how would they define sexiness////

in all nice qtns....

Jon said...

Ma'am i dare not argue!!!

the first question is for the society!!

Regarding Marriage i made some immature observation...

Hey waiting for ur vacation

BK Chowla, said...

Really cant say as to why men stare at women, but why not?Women are different and are, HONESTLY, good to look and as long as men dont have only filth in their mind--it should be OK.

Urvashi said...

since the questions are really controversial..I wudnt get on arguing wid them....

but ur last point...Women hv been sacked in Europe n USA on account of their dressing style.I jus read a whole article on the same last week in a newspaper..SO dont u think tht women hv all the Liberty i nthe way yhtey want to dress up....even they hv to facethe consequences..!!

buttercup said...

don't be so bitter sweety...

wel,perhaps if being topless was th norm today, it wouldn't create such a hvoc for a sneak peak...interesting thought huh??

no experience on the marriage front, so... :o

Well, i guess there r women who do that( I have personally come across a few of them ). Even I wear with plunging necks,sleeveless,short dresses etc. I'm basically comfortable in them as in, I like wearing them,I like how I look in them...It is the same as wearing painful heels..a girl got to indulge her vanity sometimes ryt ;)

I for one,don't enjoy being stared at, whether it is by a beautiful man or not. I feel very uncomfortable and on more than one occasion my tarty tongue has given someone like that an earfull and sent them on their way. And this IS something a girl endures a lot in India, especially in Kerala. I like wearing sleeveless salwar kameezes, but if I wear them and go shopping or something, even walking people stop on their way and stare, in some cases keep looking back and stare. That is soooo tacky and disgusting !!!

Jon said...

@BKC... It should have been...but sadly we might get roasted too
@Urvashi...Mind you, if the way women choose to dress up provides stirs up the atmosphere..may be they get overlooked!!(I seen tht)
@buttercup...lolz i am with you on making the toplessness the rule
I still wonder why men here are too turned on even with a sleevless salwar kameez! ntw it might be bcos u r too good to look

buttercup said...

hahaha... so funny :P :P :P

Rachna said...

@Jon Again, the questions are controversial and not to be treated in jest. It becomes serious for a woman when "the attention" translates into cheap jostling, manhandling and molestation. Yes, everyone wants attention, but not with the intent of getting molested. Do you think, it is fair that a woman's dressing or freedom is curtailed because a man can't keep his emotions in check? A woman has a right to dress the way she wants to, but given the circumstances, it would be prudent for her to exercise caution when out on the streets. And, frankly even in plain jane clothes, women get stared at. Please do not say that if a woman gets crude attention, she asked for it. Somehow, in Indian society, a woman is blamed for everything. Like Mr. BKCHowla said filth in mind cannot be justified. Sorry for the long rant, but you just cannot understand how demeaning eveteasing is to women.

Jon said...

Rachna...I would completely agree that physical handling is pervert.

Yea, even in plain clothes women get stared at. And we cant say that the reason is just because the men here are denied sexual freedom? I am not quite sure....

Filth is a term whose meaning is still beyond me. If it's lust, most are guilty

Happy Kitten said...

Jon, the question and answer seems to be in your write up itself.... when women in some countries go topless, none seems to have a problem while even a modestly dressed woman elsewhere gets unwanted attention and sometimes even fatal.

So shouldnt one conclude that the problem lies not with the woman but with the beholder? And not all women dress to provocate and for that matter what are the rules for provocation? For some even an inch of flesh can be provocative.

If you are physically handled by a woman without your consent, what would you term it?

The men are not the losers.. not yet.. so no cause for worry :)

Jon said...

I have been beaten black and blue!!
Yes, the problem may lie with beholder(could be with the women also)...and now I doubt if liberalisation can solve the problem...
I believe we Indians are lusty and sexually proactive men. I doono abt women..

If I am physically handled by women w/o my consent.....I will give my consent!!