Friday, June 25, 2010

House of grief

It was busy evening. I was heading back home after a hectic shopping. Due to the din of traffic I couldn’t make out half of what was being said. But the other half left me speechless.

My good friend’s sister passed away. She was a mere 15 years old- beautiful and highly talented. I remembered someone saying God takes the best to keep with him. She will be immortalized as the beautiful girl in our minds while we grow old and ugly.

She fell off the terrace right in front of her brother and mother. She died in his arms. Ho unimaginable it would be for them. Will they ever escape from the shock! I still remember the young mother’s heart rending cry, imploring God to take away her life too.


Rachna said...

Oh, so sad. Especially for a parent to lose her child at such a young age.

BK Chowla, said...

Her mother and brother will die a death every day. What a pity

Susan Deborah said...

Death is strange. We know it would come but when it comes, we don't want to accept it. I am sorry to hear about the young girl. I wish comfort and blessings for the family.

But inspite of all that, I would not accept your line "while we grow old and ugly." Why such a bleak view of life. Don't you think it's a wonder to be alive and breathing.

Thanks for coming by my blog and also for following my work. Honoured, indeed. Looking forward to read and ponder insights and experiences from here.

Joy and courage,

Jon said...

@BKC...hope that doesnt happen

@susani would love being young and beautiful 4 life