Friday, June 25, 2010

A friend from the past

This is the follow up blog to the ‘Keep in Touch’. Robbie, was one of our good friend from school. He had all these eccentric ideas. But he was very jovial and fun. He used to easily make at ease anyone talking to him- boy or girl. Life was not very easy for him. His mother was a widow and they were living far off from his hometown.

But all of us managed to scrap through. He took up nursing. The good thing about him was he always made it a point to contact and come for a visit whenever he was in these parts.

But sadly we heard that his elder brother passed away. He has left behind a young wife and two small kids. Our statistics may be showing a higher life expectancy. But so many young people I know has passed away due to terminal diseases, heart attacks, stroke etc. it seems our youngsters are growing old.

It was sad that we had the chance to meet up due to this sad cause. But surprisingly, he was at his usual self- cracking jokes at my expense. Since I was bit confused on how to deal at this situation, I silently (and happily) accepted all the jibes.

He is flying out to Europe and is getting married to his long term sweet heart. May be he is too busy to dwell in the grief. God bless him and all my friends and give them long and happy life.

Friends, I hope you too would have the same prayer for your loved ones.


Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice post!

Anonymous said...

Grief effects us all in different ways Jon. Sometimes you feel you must be strong and appear indifferent to help other people deal with you. Other times a simple word, sound or smell will spark a memory and you find yourself welling up with tears.

Jon said...

Very insightful madame, Thank u