Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two worst flicks of all time

Oscar awards are something an entire world looks up to. We see some of the best movie getting nominated from around the world. But sadly we don’t always see the best ones walking away with the award. Sadly the awards have to fulfill some vested interests and satisfy some twisted beliefs. I had the first doubts when ‘The Passion of Christ’ filed to win any relevant awards.

This year there was some uneasiness when movies like ‘District9’ made to the final lists.

The ‘best actress’ list had some serious contenders. But Sandra Bullock surprised everyone when she walked away with the award. So I went ahead and picked the DVD hoping its going to be a real life inspirational movie. But sadly it was one of my biggest disappointments.

When the movie ends by showing the real life characters, I was left in open mouthed astonishment. ‘A real life story which is portrayed as unreal’- this should have been the caption.
Well something I can’t really fathom is the blacks in USA seems to be living on the kindness of whites still. At least that’s what the film seems to say. I never saw a relevant black figure on screen. This is the USA which condemns the third world countries for racism and human rights. Another joke was the frequent use of the phrase ‘Christian duty’. Being a Christian I am pretty confused of the meaning in which it’s used. In short, it’s a movie to keep the white conservatives happy and the black boys grateful for the wonderful ‘white’ ‘Christian’ neighbors God has provided them.

I haven’t seen such a perfect American family except in the advertisements. Dad is so pleased with his dominating, strict wife. Perhaps he is so happy that whatever happens he gets to screw a forever hot wife at the end of the day. The over intelligent and over smart kid is loveable but irritates you with over grown performance. The family seems to be watching football throughout the day. Is there nothing else in the TV for them to watch? And the ultimate aim of the family is to get into the same university.

They are so good and loving that they happily welcome a giant, dumb, poor, black kid into their household. Even the teenage daughter is absolutely cool with it.

Apart from these, I haven’t seen an Oscar movie which fails in the technical side too. ‘The worst casting ever seen, award should have gone for the movie. I remember seeing an old, white, racist in the football stadium and wondering ‘Where did this guy crawl out from?’

I have no clue why the opening shot was the protagonist being questioned by an enforcement agency. Later it turns out that it is no turning point of the movie. Who did the screenplay?
Dialogues came straight out of an outdated novel.

I don’t want to sound too rude. There were positives too, like the black boy’s acting and Sandra Bullock’s butts. She walks around throughout, happily wiggling it.

And the next forgettable movie I saw the last week was ‘Edge of Darkness’. I read from a stupid newspaper that this one was going to break the ‘Avatar’ collection. So I hurriedly picked up the DVD excepting a ‘Lethal Weapon’.
But Mel Gibson is too old for that and walks throughout the movie resembling a grumpy, sad, old man. The director over did the imagination of Mel seeing his young daughter. The climax turned out to be tame with only a few bad men getting shot. I was excepting a big evil corporation taken down by the mighty Mel.

To make the matters worse apart from Mel everybody made sure they did their worst acting. The daughter’s boyfriend and the helper friend acted the emotional scenes as if the nuclear wastes had gone into their heads.

The man who is to be hanged to death for acting was the one sent to clean up the operation. He looked dead from the beginning.
‘Edge of darkness’ proved that singular brilliance needn’t necessarily save the day.

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