Friday, March 12, 2010

Girl India

A girl in a bikni or a tight skirt will set any average Indian guy drooling. But in the bottom of his heart he will prefer a girl draped in Sari.

Its bit difficult to believe isn’t it? Well check out any Indian porn sites. The ‘in-demand’ girls will be the ones in Saris

Saris can be elegant and sensuous at the same time. You can get it cheap or you can go for obscenely costly ones. There are different modes of wearing saris depending on which part of India you are from. Saris can be won seductively or even in an ultra-orthodox fashion. There are many temples in India were women have to wear saris.

But sadly the Indian girls do not prefer sari much nowadays. It could be because it’s difficult to wear and you might need both time and a second help in wearing it. The toughest part is to walk around in a sari. There is a good chance to trip and fall down stepping into your own sari.

There was this young lady teacher who went in a sari for her lecture. She was not used to this traditional dress and ultimately the students had to give her a hand. During my school days the day we all look forwarded to was the Sari-day. In that day many ugly ducklings turned themselves to graceful swans. There always used to be a few who wore the sari low-waist, good enough to give the guys a few sleepless nights.

But the star attraction was the ones with the perfect boobs. The tight blouse enhanced the shape of their tits. Guys hovered around them to see if they bend down by any chance (for the valleys of course). So naturally the Sari-days were the ones with highest attendance percentage.

But in spite of being exotic, charming, elegant and sensuous sari hasn’t found the right ambassador. Even our star Bollywood actress would never dream of anything other than skirts or gowns when they step out of India. Still India found an ambassador in an unusual woman.

When Elizabeth Taylor married the rich Indian businessman Arun Nayyar every other tabloid claimed it was for his money. Like all other high profile weddings it was predicted to break up soon. No one knew Liz had fallen in love with India. It was kind of ‘buy one get one free’ for Arun when she brought along her son. Arun had a big enough heart for both the mother and son.

Liz hasn’t stopped to amaze the poor Indians with her deep attachment to this ancient land and its customs.

A few weeks back Arun was invited for a charity ball in London. He immediately informed Liz about the invitation. An unusual deadly smile passed through her lips.

‘So I get my best chance to show these bloody tabloids how much Indian I am’. Arun shivered. He had this uneasy feeling of something real bad is about befall upon them.

He learnt from the monthly credit card bill that Liz had ordered for a sari from a top designer in India. ‘She is not a stupid cow after all!’

On the D-day Arun dressed up in his usual tuxedo for the ball. Earlier he had to pay a visit to his hair do and cosmetic expert. He was getting old after all.

He hadn’t seen the special sari Liz had brought. He wanted to surprise himself. He eagerly went to her dressing room.

A single drop of sweat came down the forehead. He was not an expert in Indian dresses or tradition. But this time he knew something was amiss.

‘Darling don’t you think that there should be a blouse to go along with the sari.’

‘Honey this is how real Indians dress up.’

‘And who gave you the idea’. His voice raised slightly. He never had the guts to shout at her. But at times he couldn’t stop himself from getting angry at himself. He wondered how he managed to find his ideal partner in her. He remembered something his grandmother used to say about Karma. May be that was it.

‘Darling we saw women without blouse in that movie, remember? ’ she tried to remind him.

‘But honey that was a porn movie’.

‘Huh-uh, I thought it was an Indian classic’. He stood there shattered. What a luck!

‘Darling I have put on my contact lenses and if I am not mistaken, I see your jugs almost clearly’.

‘That is okay honey, they are silicon anyway’.

He was speechless. So the made for each other couple went for the ball.

In the picture you can see Arun smiling bravely when the whole world is happily ogling at the sight of precious things which should have been his alone to see. What a perfect couple! All Indian women look up to Liz Hurley, who has brought glory to India.


Vencora said...


buttercup said...

rofl rofl hilarious!!!!!!

Saree is definitely a pain to wear anyday!! I wore saree for saree day only the 1st year of graduation. I tool self-declared holidays on the 2nd n final years lol

Jon said...

Thanks gals ....

Hope these ppl doesnt sue me!!

Secretia said...

I always thought that the saris made the women look like they had big stomachs. I also thought that the purpose of the sari was to conceal the breasts, but what do I know. Men want to see women naked, that's the bottom line.


Jon said...

Well. it's like Sari doesnt suit you if you have got big tummy...

Long back Women of India went bare chested(wish I was there)...thanks to European missionaries The women started covering up and sari started to be used for covering the upper part too...

And Secretia men wants to see women naked and so there are many willing women ready to get naked...