Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Loved ones

Lisa was terribly upset. The teacher she had so much admired just got transferred. He was her hero and may be the first love.

And the stupid dad of hers, Homer, never seems to understand a thing. All he cares about is watch dumb programmes in Television. She really missed some shoulder to lean upon and cry.

She was lying in bed when Homer walks to her room. He cracks stupid jokes to make her smile and that adds to her irritation.

Homer tells her 'You are right Lisa. I don't know how it feels when someone you loved walks away. Everyone I ever loved lives under this roof.
Lisa a day will come when every one you love will live with you under a roof and they will never leave you'.

I had this in mind for a long time and got inspired to write on reading a sad girl's heart break . So this one story is going to be very much unrefined but still it would do.

Courtesy: All characters are real and belong to my favorite series 'Simpsons- Season2'


Netha Hussain said...

Nicely written..You should have thought over this idea and expanded it in order to make it more appealing..Keep blogging..

Jon said...

There are some ideas that sprouts in you but never grows up.

'Think' was created for those ungrown, uncivilised, unreformed thoughts

Pooja Mahimkar said...

that was soo sweet! thanks for making me read this.

buttercup said...

nice... i agree with u on that...sometimes u jus gotta write watever u feel lyk..coz sme thoughts dont ure to form smethin bigger