Friday, January 24, 2014

The Daily Diary- Orange Comrades

Here's a quick post. Don't want to lose the habit so soon.

For the first time I browsed through Google Books. Quite surprised that e-books cost as much as hard copies.

Which means books are not priced by the papers but by brand built by the Author. The rule applies for any product-tangible or intangible

Meanwhile the hardcore communists are getting ready to welcome breakaway faction of Modi loyalists. They have some lame excuses to go with it as well. BJP is not bad also. The party who calls Congress as corrut has some rife corruption inside it!!!

Anarchy or not I prefer AAp

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nikhimenon said...

if you want your country to become a somalia/EGgypt/syria,please vote for AAP or the congress.if you want development,vote for ......
(whom you must be knowing by now)