Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy independence day you all

Happy Independence day to one and all. Narendra Modiji would have delivered his first Red fort speech by now. A dream come true for him

For the past fe days my TL has been littered with requests from patriotic Indian to change my DP into tri-colour. My whatsapp and Twitter pages are filled with patriots. Why this over expression for patriotism I don't understand. Added to that all government employees have been asked to assemble at sharp 8 and raise the flag. I am a little low on patriotism so didn,t go
It is yet to be seen if the stimulation of nationalistic feeling is a method to gain sanction for everything a particlar individual doe, with the rhetoric that it's for good of the nation!

My next two weeks will be filled with Marriage parties. I guess they chose the Independence week as a moment to shed independence. What a joke
Anyways some of the last  in the list of yet-to-be-marrried is getting married off

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