Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good Mornings 15/05/2013

How are you doings jellybeans?

The papers and Twitter is filled with Angelina Jolie doing masetotocomy ( spelt wrong , I know ) . I was saddened by the thought of those beautiful boobs. I expressed my sadness bit loudly and was nearly raped in Twitter.

In the morning I met our dear scientist from ISRO. Now ISRO is a place filled with 90% losers who are paid obscenely. They then get their loser sons to the ship & secure the family . Since those guys are supposed to be doing some great service we aren't supposed to question .

So he is this guy I avoid at all costs . But today he runs after me and asks : how does it feel
I : I feel good
He : no I was asking how do u feel about the way I look

Wanted to say u look pathetic , ended up saying: Sir you look great !!

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