Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Film to miss - Cocktail

Today watched one of another hyped , pain-in-the-ass. The film goes with the name 'Cocktail'.
A fifty something former NATIONAL AWARD winner tries to play some play boy in the initial half.  Everyone from the air hostess to company boss wants to sleep with him which he kindly obliges.  Mr Safe don't you think it has Gone a bit far considering that feminine voice doesn't suit your waxed body. 

And there is long legged beauty who is the party animal of London. The party animal pees every time she hits a pub.  As usual her stereo typical role where she realizes at the end that she wants to be a normal girl.

And there is a desi bahu who learns to wear mini skirts

The all too predictable story set in foreign.  Earlier the stars never acted in small stuff.  Now everyone wants to play the boy next door. The difference is they wear designer clothes,  live in bachelor pads, party all night,  fucks everyone and in the end realizes India is the best

Safeji can you choose an alternative career,  considering the fact that you stayed long enough and there seems to be nothing more to offer

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