Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Value for the corporate

Football may not matter much to Indians. But tit does still matter to a few. So when JCT announced closure, it was a disaster soon waiting to happen. But the reason baffled me. JCT will restart the club when it generates ‘value for the corporate’.

How true! The one who spends the money rules. Last week I was in for a training. If they talk about the financial inclusion in the first sentence, in the next sentence they would dissuade us from giving out loans to poor villagers. It would go on to become NPAs! Well, if the nationalized banks fear to invest in the poor fearing the fall in market, then who will. Are our policy makers banking in on Ambanis and Tatas to pour in money in villages!


BK Chowla, said...

Unless we have policies which are not populast, political we will not go far. But,in 63 yrs we have progressed not because of the govt, it has been inspite of govt.
We will againg fin e someone to come to Delhi to hold our little finger

Sh@s said...

Its a sad state of things. There isn't much that we can expect from the govt. any more. Sadly. it is governed by people who believe in self-serving rather than serve the people.