Saturday, February 5, 2011

Relegion + POlitics +Books

One day I heard my dad crying out in horror on reading a book. He pleaded with us to save ourselves from impending Armageddon. I was wondering what the issue was and browsed through the book.

The cover was printed in Red, White and Blue colours. The print was first class and the binding also looked impeccable. It is ‘Can America Survive’ by John Hagee. He claims to be a pastor in one of the innumerable churches in USA.
The writer has drawn his conclusion from the signs around that the world is going to end soon and sadly America is going to be in the centre of it. Strangely he noticed the signs of doom, when Obama ascended the throne. Here are a few of them:

Thanks to Obama’s liberal abortion policies the population of USA is coming down. As a result there is not going to be enough Americans around. The consumption will go down and the economy will auto-destruct.
I, for one, would be happy to see fewer Americans on the planet.

Thanks to the Health Care policies of the Obama government, the medical treatment has become cheaper. As a result queue in front of the hospital has increased. So people standing at the very end of queue die of their terminall diseases Who said the healthcare system in India is the worst.

The American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are going nuts and they are shooting each other with real bullets in their leisure time. Hagee has illustrated an example of a Muslim American soldier who shot his supervisors recently. Hagee asks more Americans to be sent across the seas, inorder to de-stress the poor souls there. How about Pamela Anderson!!

Iran has got bored of developing nuclear bombs. Now they are into plutonic bombs that can destroy the electronic gadgets of USA in a flash. He has got some very secret ‘intelligence’ reports leaked. But he won’t give you any names….hush-hush. I hear USA saying once in a while that they have doubts over the nuclear capability of Iran….now the plutonic bomb?

He has got statistics claiming millions are fleeing New York and California. They cannot stand the high taxes imposed by ‘those socialists’. Imagine the economic centers of USA waking up one morning to see empty haunted apartments with no one to work in offices. How strange, we Indians are desperate to get into New York. While the people there are fleeing, fearing the taxes. It’s a warning guys.

The farms in USA, that used to be green with cabbages and cucumbers lie barren due to the extreme environmentalists who want to grow a jungle and accommodate the lesser beings there. So farmers are dying in USA of extreme poverty. How dare you criticize the Maharashtra government for farmer suicides, when a bigger catastrophe rages in USA! And there no one bothers. Deshmukh will wish he was the CM of USA!

Christians have a secret passion to decipher out the anti-hero that arrives at the end, Anti-Christ. I remember years ago Pope John Paul was labeled Anti-Christ. The conclusion was drawn from the illustration in Bible of ‘animal on seven hills’, which was obviously Rome. Then it was turn of Saddam Hussein. Photos went around with a 666 labeled on his head. Then came the turn of Bill gates. It was rumored that he could hang every computer in the world with a secret code word. After many permutations-combinations the mantle has fallen on Obama. Some says he invoke the name of Allah in secret.
A few years ago books were the monopoly of the intellectuals. Now the fundamentalists have stormed their bastion. They are capable to make a lot of noise attracting the attention of socially unconscious common man. Even in the above mentioned book, the writer has vaguely named some sources at a few instances or there is no source at all. But how many readers will question the authenticity. These people know fear is the key to any man’s heart.
Religion and Politics is a dangerous combination. When book gets added to it, it turns even more potent. I am not saying they shouldn’t be read. But read it to culture your ability to differentiate.


OtienoHongo said...

Hehe, I would say that the opening of the blogosphere has also ensured that every idiot is free to post their nonsense to the world. The real tragedy is that people like John Hagee have thousands of believers who believe in such drivel...

Jon said...

Yes, I think freedom of expression may not be a great idea!

angel in disguise.... said...


Jon said...

Thnk u so much 4 dropping by angel

sm said...

Religion and Politics is a dangerous combination.
yes agree with you

Farila said...

And we always believed only Salman Rushdie or Tasleema Nasreen could pull that off... LOL.
Though in a humourous way you have made your point there in your blog.

vineet said...

made me to thnk seriosuly, though its USA bt comeon at the end of d day, we share the same planet, dont knw hw to react bt yeaah very informatv post