Sunday, February 13, 2011

I hate I hate luv stories

Considering the proximity of V-day and my inability to celebrate V-day all the 25 years of my life, I decided to watch a pucca Bollywood love story with a very strange name ‘I hate Luv Story’. Well, there is a history behind my choice. The girl whom I went with for ‘Golmaal3’ promised me it was a ‘chweet’ movie. After seeing the movie I’ll have to redefine the word ‘chweet’ in my vocabulary.

I have very much limited knowledge in Hindi but I hope my grammar is right when I say, ‘Kitna Khattiya film hain yaar’. The movie is supposed to be a funny take on the clichés in romantic concepts of Hindi film. Strangely the movie is over burdened with clichés. Please do not mistake that I am doling out a review. It has become a passion and fashion for us to beat the hell out of badly made movies. I think it’s sadistic than the half hearted attempts from so called directors. There are movies which deserve criticism and the ones which have to be ignored. (To be frank I too love those reviews in Hindustan Times where the writer takes pleasure in doing autopsy on the dead-born child)

The good part of movie is the balanced acting from Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor. Imran is a wood work wonder. Even a bull dozer about to mow him down cannot extract any ‘acting’ from him. When I pointed out his skills in JTYJN, my friends assured me he will do well. Strangely I have got a chance to see all his movies thereafter- Kidnap, Luck. He is doing a research on’ how badly you can do it’. Speaking on Sonam- she is tall and handsome. She wears the trendiest of clothes. But the bloody smile has started getting onto our nerves. She is said to have done her acting lessons out there in New York. They should have told her it’s not good to grin throughout a movie.

On the other facts on the movie-there is no such thing as a sub-plot. So there are no other characters except for the hero and heroine. The cinematography and editing is one of the most ordinary I have seen. Then there is this humor element, which is a sort of surprise. There were a few good jokes which were badly missed out due to poor timing. Then there was this double entendre. It has become quite fashionable to crack out a dirty joke. It gets assured laugh from family audience and the kids know their parents are enjoying something they will understand when they grow up. Even the scissor friendly censor boards do not bother about the cultural impact of these films.
Okay anyways, I am going to tell you a better love story. The love story which lasts for life time.
We were a batch of students who joined our company fresh out of college. We were given training on software engineering. We were from different parts of India. There was this guy from Punjab and that girl from Delhi. She was already hitched to her college mate. But then it’s quite a popular knowledge that when you rate the girls from various parts of India on their ‘faithfulness’- the ones from Delhi fall into one extreme of table and the Tamils fall into other. The guy, Sagil, was quite bravado. He proposed the girl, Sriti, knowing very well that she was hooked. She rejected it with a heavy heart. Sagil was not the one who easily gave up. He hung on, well of course as a friend. But every once in a while he did remind her of her boyfriend’s relative poverty.

Then all of a sudden the villain ‘recession’ struck. The boyfriend lost his job. Sagil got the opportunity of lifetime. He rammed into her head the hazards of having to put up with a jobless guy. The story goes that Sriti called up the poor boyfriend and told him that she was too ashamed to tell people that her fiancé is jobless. Well of course he had seen it coming and tried his best to get some kind of job. But ‘some kind of job’ wouldn’t fool Sriti.

Recently I came across Sagil’s and Sriti’s engagement photos in FB. They looked well and happy. One hell of a love story from a land of immortal love.
Speaking of sweet naughty jokes, I tried to put smiles on my friends’ face by sending out a joke last Saturday:

Just a reminder that if you want a child in 11/11/11, you know what to do tonight ;)

Well an unmarried female friend of mine was mighty pissed off. She threatened me with dire consequences. Where have all these sense of humor gone?


BK Chowla, said...

Just about too much of love covered in one post.
It cant be only because of Valentine's day

Rachna said...

I hate luv Storys -- very bad movie. Love stories are bitter sweet and dimensions change with times. Don't be bitter till you experience something really bad, wary would be good though.

Alka Gurha said...

Love is not about giving roses or gifts on one particular day....Enjoy your bachelorhood while it lasts.

OtienoHongo said...

"There are movies which deserve criticism and the ones which have to be ignored." - Nice line, If a particular work is bad, just ignore it instead of flogging a dead horse. On your point of sense of humour, it is worrying how much peoople are nowadays becoming so sensitive that you have to carefully watch each and everyword you say. There is always an activist somewhere ready to find fault with any attempted joke. It is a wonder they have not yet banned titles like Irish Jokes etc


Thanx for sharing.

Destiny's child... said...

I watched that silly in a theatre. Can you beat that? :D

simply me said...

ur hindi statement should be Kitna Ghattiya film hain yaar
Khattiya means cot
and Ghatiya means bad
:) :)

nice read...
quite interesting views

Jon said...

U had the hrt to point it out Vysh :)

Praveen said...

entammo...that real life love story..unbeliavable..
aa pennine namichu :D

pinne ninte messages...nee sookshichoda..ninne kollan nadakkunna kore perundu...njanum undu!