Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Censorship in the world of Art?!!

(This is a follow up to this review )

I was talking to Alka Gurha on the issue of celebration of negative traits in today’s cinema. It was around that time I watched this movie. It set me into thinking. Should cinema be a mirror to the society or should it be a guide? We cannot restrict the freedom of an artiste because he might be having noble intentions. But again we are not matured enough to judge the long term impact on a piece of art or the intention of the artiste. We can crucify the artiste or simply say he is painting out the dirty face of society. But only a few will point out the nudity of the king.

A few days back I shared with you how we treat dirty jokes in our cinema. The adult jokes have shifted from B- grade to commercial cinema and they have become a staple diet today. I am not speaking about Hindi alone! Adam Sandler is supposed to be a children’s actor. But he ends with some kind of stupid jokes on Boobs in every film of his.

Sometime back I met Sangeeth Sivan’s daughter over FB. We shared a few mails on discussions about photography. Then I asked a really stupid question, ‘Don’t you think your dad does some real crap work nowadays’. She was either pissed off or suspected I was a creepy journalist. That was the end of our conversation. It’s a fact that we are celebrating bad pieces of art. Again it couldn’t be because our art world is bad. A better reason would be our society has started learning that dirt is normal and the clean stuff is abnormal.

Talking about popular perceptions. I will point out a few examples. MF Hussain is one of the most celebrated artist around the world. I hadn’t seen many paintings of his until a controversy broke up and he was forced to flee India. People said that he painted Hindu Goddesses in tasteless poses. Initially I sided with the liberals. Then I came across the controversial paintings and arguments. The Goddesses are shown in various forms of erotic stance. The question is why only Hindu Goddesses. As argued by the intelligentsia, the common man might be in need of some superior taste buds.

Same was with the case of controversial movie Kamasutra. I had to borrow the CD and see it when no one was at home. I would bet almost half of Indian youth and adults would have seen the movie. Although the movie is about Sex, it’s portrayed in a beautiful way. Watching KS would be safer than all the unrealistic western porn our kids see.


sm said...

interesting read
Supreme court of India has declared all paintings legal.
If someone do not like bikini that does not mean bikini is bad.
must respect the freedom of others.

Rachna said...

Though I support freedom for art, when I saw the paintings he had done, I was shocked. Painting goddesses in the nude offends sensibilities. If he would do the same with art concerning Islam then at least he can be considered unbiased, but he has not done so. Just because you are brilliant in one sphere does not give you the license to take liberties in such matters.

Susan Deborah said...

Quite a thought niggling post. Well, I don't side with any but I wonder whether anything can be considered art? These days every one scribbles some vague lines and call it abstract art. Well, I don't think so. But artists everywhere take extreme licenses to do whatever they please. I am still confused over this great debate. At the same time I wonder about the common people and their fragile sensibilities over religious matters.
They say that art liberates and frees oneself but they failed to say who were the people who are in context of freedom and liberation. Well, I am rambling a bit too much here.

Joy always,

Mingled Minds said...

agree agree agree...the trip i was recently in- even the staff were into the A+ stuff... it was actually weird to discuss it within a huge group\of people... the world is changing..Kalyug!!!! The good will be rejected and the Bad willingly accepted ....

Jon said...

SM what u said is right, then there was an angle from which Rachna looked into it

What you said has given me a new dimension to think from

M.M its disgusting when older people discuss these things!! I hope women werent there in the group