Monday, February 1, 2010

Trade Off

Uncle flew down from Gulf yesterday. As usual he carried with him the praises of his only son, Babloo. We received with gladness the news that Babloo has been elevated to the position of ‘Babloo’ the great.
Babloo was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The bottom ranks were exclusively reserved for him. But he still studied in the best places. All the Kentucky and McDonalds added to his outer perimeter but still he used the shining new bats and othe sports accessories.

Since he couldn’t think of anything creative to do for two hours, he scratched off the bar code and got himself disqualified from the Engineering entrance exams. But please do not under estimate him. He did the entrance coaching in some of the best institutes in the country. Nevertheless he joined one of the posh Engineering colleges in Chennai.
He got more silver spooned no gooders for company. He got a bike and countless number of girl friends. He took up smoking and drinking for the heck of it. Like all the colleges in Tamil Nadu, his college set their own question papers and corrected the answers too. Since the Professors didn’t want any trouble everyone were made to pass with flying colours.

Babloo’s sister married the son of a rich contractor. Since blood was thicker than water Babloo ended in that company. Today he owns a Land Cruiser, a car, high end Laptop and a costly mobile. That too in this tender age. I cannot imagine the heights he will conquer by the time he is 30.

My dad and mom sighed in astonishment and they admonished me by their looks. ‘Learn from him’- the phrase I have heard throughout my life.
At night I bitterly blamed my fate. Fate asks me, ‘Ok. I am ready to make a deal. Can you trade the life you have got with the life Babloo has?’
I took a stack of what life has given me.
1. The gym I go to every day
2. My mom’s breakfast.
3. My old college pals and the evening walks we share.
4. My pirated DVD collections.
5. My book collection.
6. My Blogs.
7. My mom’s tea.
8. My mom’s dinner.
9. The daily kiss I give my mom
10. My bro and my sis, the little fights and the stupid jokes we share
11. The daily dose of advices from my dad.
12. My favorite juice shop.
13. My beautiful friend and the few minutes I get to share with her every week.
14. My church and the friends there.
15. My music collection.
16. My camera.
17. My Laptop
18. My cluttered desk.
19. My secret porn collection.
Can I trade these off? Tough question but got to decide something….


simply me said...

preciousness lies in the eyes of beholder not the society.... a huge stone mountain is more exciting than a small diamond for a sculptor...

Jon said...

Wow.. Thanxx sm..well said

Anonymous said...

The secret porn collection.. Surely that won't be difficult to exchange