Thursday, February 18, 2010

Subbhu the superstar

Down here in South, men have a fantasy towards girls from any where other
than South India.
The reason being they dress stylishly ,they have a very fair
complexion, they got big boobs and butts. And we have a somewhat wrong notion that North Indian girls are easy.

So we stare lecherously but rarely we get any positive response from them.

So when we started seeing Subbhu in the pantry more than regularly chatting with Payal, we were amused.

Subbhu was cornered and question. He announced triumphantly that Payal had proposed him the last day. We stared at him in amazement and disbelief. Subbhu out of us all!! Congrats started pouring in.

Expression in Subbhu's face read something like 'It's nothing for me man'.
I wanted to derail him a bit. 'Hey do you think your parents are going to approve the match?'
'Cool Man!! I am going to dump her soon'.

Look at the way Subbhu has changed. No comments Subbhu, keep going.


simply me said...
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sarah toa said...

This is a lovely snap shot of a life completely exotic to me!

Anonymous said...

Is this courtship something that is the nornal in India?


Jon said...

Well it was quite unthinkable before.
We were supposed to be faithful to the person we love.

But thanks to the western cultural incursion , relation has become a commodity

Kiddy said...

I can see where his parents would not approve of an easy girl,they can be a problem as he might not even be the father of some of the yun'uns that would come along and stuck with child payments for 18 years.