Monday, April 23, 2012

Facebook couples

Facebook is a window to the users soul. A few years ago the people my age were busy getting married.

Firstly the announcement of 'I'm in a relationship' would come. Then It's the event invitation announcing he/she got hitched and you be there to witness event of the century.

The walls were filled with beautiful wedding photos, very much tailored by PhotoShop. The profile picture changed to the lovey dovey couple. They were so eager to announce to the world that this was a match made in heaven.

Then came the honeymoon pics. The girl looking cute and hot & the boy  very handsome. It seemed the couple were accidentally stuck using a strong adhesive and they never will separate. The location would be straight out of some post card. A little rich would go as far as to Switzerland to rewind the Yash Chopra magic.

Soon the profile picture would cut itself to half. If they were foolish enough for unprotected love, then the cute little baby would do the honours . Some would be even more dumb to share the passwords in the days of passion. Then there will be a scramble to reset.

Once upon a time people who were idealistic enough to chat will be very much alive late into midnight.


jane.healy said...

Those peoples parents are just as bad - posting photos every other week of their grandchildren ... perhaps I am envious but actually I don't think so.

Rachna said...

Yep, the FB days!