Monday, March 28, 2011

Manly enough

Guys this has been a mail doing rounds in the mail chain list in the last week. The difference is the protagonist is a real man working in Infosys. I am not even changing the name. Have a look at the innocent chain. The beginning of the problem:


I had parked my bike outside the infy MLPL gate, near the HP building, bcos the parking was full in MLPL. At 6.30 pm, i saw my bike. Somebody had broken my helmet lock purposefully. now it's of no use. Whoever has done it, pls reply back to me on my email id. you can pay back the helmet lock money and installation charges(approx 350/-)

Regards, N

Here a few people get back to him:

Wish we lived in sucha society where the culprits surrender themselves and own up their mistake … Looks like you just got to planet earth … Be happy ur bike was still there with both the wheels intact JJ

Regards, S

The Hero replies again:

95% of the ppl who park there are infoscions. I have felt bad about the incident. the inner part of the helmet lock is made of metal. That guy has used all his energy to break my helmet lock into 2 pieces. If he is such a man, he must be manly enough to admit his mistake and pay for his mistake. that's why i hav told him to reply to my email id. I hope atleast he learns some lessons from japanese who are so humble and down to earth now. It's left for him to choose the right path.

regards, N

It’ not over

Pls do not crack jokes on such matters. imagine, if the same things happen to your bikes or cars. will u crack jokes at that time. pls do not divert the topic. That guy was not a robber. he was just insane. he was angry, i guess. Atleast he could have kept a sorry note and the money for a new helmet lock in my bike cover. (Then, I would hav thought, wow, what a human being.)

regards, N

And another question for him:

What if he would have kept a sorry note and money and someone else would have stolen that?

Here comes the reply:

Our robbers are not so intelligent. And the guy who has broken my helmet lock is not a saint.

We had a great laugh when my friend forwarded this out! Hope you guys will enjoy it too


Susan Deborah said...


I have never seen this forwrad. This cracked me up completely. On which planet is this man living. On second thoughts, such people do exist. I'm glad for them.

Joy always,

Rachna said...

This really was funny. Was he a nut?

BK Chowla, said...

This FWD has not reached me yet. But, my suggestion would be --the culprit should keep an envelope with cash and a sorry note on the same bike tomorrow.

Renu said...

In which world he is living?

OtienoHongo said...

And what would we think if the culprit actually responded and sent him some money to repair the helmet lock?

simply me said...

i was tempted to write a post on this topic....

these are of course just my views on it

Jon said...

Thank u Vysh

Hey guys btw...he might be out of the world! But he raises a question before us!

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