Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Celebrate Tsunami

During the regular weekend match I was standing guard on our post. A momentary lack of concentration led to ball crashing into my right palm. My brain numbed out as I cried in pain. I lost all sensation in my palm. It was real painful for the first two days- to brush, wash, bath, checking your blogs. I had to eat digging my head into plate as I couldn’t lift my hand.

Over the same time, in other part of the world, people went through much pain and trauma. Huge waves crashed into the world’s most powerful economy and swept out lives and structures. For the giant tsunami waves all were nothing but toys. People around the world watched in shock and awe, watching the might of nature.

For journalists and photographers this is a festival of sensations. The gruesome photos were enough to send us to tears. A lost dog, old man, doll or a pair of shoes can fetch them a couple of international photography awards.

Even in the face of such a calamity there are people who reap harvest of joy and déjà vu.

The doomsayers: The world has never been a great place to live in. it had its own share of wicked men for ages. So attributing the calamity to evil may be a bit stupid. A revenge monger God is worse than humans. The way I see it is, the world has become smaller and the bad things get quicker publicity. But claiming this generation is the most evil, is an insult.

There are people who enhance their personal aura by ‘I told you so. Now you are going to be the next’. There are some preachers who predict the impending doom with ‘exact’ dates. The crux is no one goes back to question his failed predictions.

The stock players: This category is occupying considerably annoying section of the Indian population. Leave alone tsunami, even if he hear the news of his wife eloping with the neighbor, the first thing he will do is to check the impact on Sensex.
The first reaction on hearing their tsunami is going to be, ‘So how did Nikkei close?’

The bounce backers: ‘Watch out dude! These guys are going to come back in tow years’ I just can’t believe this. People lose their loved ones. There is an impending nuclear catastrophe. They lost their life, livelihood and savings. The Japanese resilience is admirable. But it would be an insult to say the Japanese stands for just efficiency, electronics and automobiles
You may be able to rebuild the structures. But the scars would remain.


OtienoHongo said...

I was about to say the worst are the doomsayers but then thought about those whose first thought is how they can either make money or to check if they have lost any money!

Rachna said...

Very very sad what happened in Japan. People being people, some would be sympathetic, some dismissive, some casual, some unconcerned.

jane.healy said...

The worship of the almighty dollar (figuratively) is sad but not modern.

It has been terrible seeing this again on our screens - the Japanese are indeed a resilient nation but you are correct in thinking that the scars will not heal overnight.

Hope your hand gets better soon!