Friday, December 3, 2010


I happen to hear a wonderful story on the TV yesterday(Yes, TV can be useful too.)

Gandhi was with the Indigo plantation workers of Bihar. It must have been during his return from S.Africa. It seems that one of the owners was mighty pissed off with Gandhiji.

He remarked, 'Gandhi is a coward. He surrounds himself with farmers. If I get him alone, I will shoot him on the spot.'

The news reached Gandhiji through hearsay.

One early morning Gandhiji's colleague and helper noticed him waking up one hour earlier than usual. Gandhiji started walking through the streets. He reached a big cottage and knocked at the doors. Someone opened the doors.

'I heard that you have taken a pledge. Sorry the farmers flock around me all day. So I couldn't free myself. Now I have got up a bit early and have come alone to you. You can fulfill your pledge'

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Purba said...

Really??? Should have been there to see that guy's reaction.

BK Chowla, said...

That is being a real man.

Destiny's child... said...