Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Film Fest

The past month was not great for my hometown. The bad roads, the bad weather and bad accidents added to our misery. But there was a silver light in the horizon too. And it was called IFFK.

The official film festival of Kerala- IFFK has reached its 15th edition. Unlike the much hyped and big flop IFFI, IFFK marches on in style. The best part of IFFK is it’s run by genuine film lovers. Nonetheless Kerala is famous for the ‘good’ films we churn out. I hope the officials of IFFI understand the simple fact that ‘Bollywood’ isn’t World Cinema.

So I acquired the symbols of pride- IFFK delegate pass and the Kit. Strutting them on I marched in and watched three-four movies in the first two days. There are 5 shows in some 6-7 theatres. In the 7 day period some 150 films are shown. No one can watch the entire films that are screened. But he can rigorously plan his schedule to watch the maximum number possible.

But to make matters worse I was downed by a bout of stomach bug. But still I am optimistic and happy to be at the cinema lover’s paradise for a week.


Susan Deborah said...

This post brought back memories of IFFK 2007, when I sprinted from Kailrali-Kalabhavan-Dhanya-Ramya-Sree and others, watching so many films, eating beef biriyani and chatting with film-buffs. Time was unknown then except when the film was starting and we had to rush with our food and runnnn.

I saw almost all the good films that were shown and lamented why I could not be everywhere at the same time.

Thanks for bringing back lovely memories.

Joy always,

BK Chowla, said...

Even though I am pucca fim fan, I have never beeen to any film festival in India. I did attend one at the Cannes a few years ago.

Destiny's child... said...

Sorry about the stomach bug, but I am sure the movie buff in you was happy to be a part of the festival :)