Sunday, May 16, 2010


Years ago tear-jerker sops were part of regular diet for a middle class Indian family. They always started with the name ‘K’ and they ran along for years until all the problems of sop family were solved and all the estranged re-united. It was humorous to see the saas-bahu team in designer Saris and jewellery even when they went to bed.

Then came the era of reality shows. The famous, marathon running sops gave way to reality shows. ‘Influenced’ by the western counterparts they gained popularity thanks to real tears, metro-sexuality, bitching, eliminating, back biting and the novel ideas.

Many stars have been born out of these shows and it gave a platform for many people even from the remotest part of India.

Recently we started watching a dance show to lighten our dinner time. There was no age restriction in the show and small kids were put in the arena by the organizers to boost the ratings.

You won’t believe it. The kids were ready to go to any lengths to put up a hard fight. We got to see little girls in skimpy outfits beating out sensuous numbers. The lil’ ones shook and wagged their lil’ assets to squeeze the maximum out of the judges

One day an ‘exceptionally’ talented girl was doing a folk dance. She missed out a few steps in between and she finished the rest weeping. It was heart rending to see the little girl shedding bucket loads of tears because she was going to miss the finals. The channels just capitalized on the tears when they showed the clippings in slow motion.

There is a time for everything. May be reality show is not the platform for little ones to shine. Don’t you agree?

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Vencora said...

aw, poor little darlings.