Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Happy and pleasant friends are a pleasure to keep. Mr. Poor Guy was one of those. I am just happy and proud of him. He is handsome, has a big smile pasted to his face always and unlike the rest of us is very sincere with his work.

Any girl would have fallen for him but at a tender age he gave his life for a Swamiji and it seems he no longer cares for the worldly pleasures.

I met him yesterday morning. The three areas of discussion when two IT pros meet are:
1. How is your project going on? Is your manager still the bitch/son of a bitch?
2. The hot girl in your team
3. Any luck with the pay hike?

PG was pissed off that day. It seems he worked day and night to get his deliverables on time. He even planned to shift his beddings to the office. The situation was that he was put in the role of a senior guy. Still he managed to meet his deadline. But his sweet manager gave him the bottom most grades and he ended up with a small raise.
I wanted to ask him if he had finally realized that he couldn’t live without worldly pleasures. But it’s no good to piss off a good friend for no big reason.

The stark truth is money is the only factor that motivates people. No one is amused by the idea of his colleague/friend earning more than him. No one cares if his company benefits from his work.
The earlier school of thought was that it is ‘lust’ that motivates people. It’s too outdated for the moment.

The terrorists in Kashmir Valley have been given a 100% hike to attract more terrorists to enlist. ‘To hell with Jihad, we need our money’. You can read it here.


Vencora said...

perhaps we are still motivated mostly by lust. money is seen as something that helps us get what/whom we lust for. as long as we still believe that having more will make us more attractive and powerful people . . . and, as much as i hate to admit it, those feelings are hard to dimiss. even i still have daydreams of grandeur.

karan a said...

I disagree that we are only motivated by money! At various stages, the motivational factor changes! After a point of time, "quality of work" also matters, when talking about corporate life and pay hikes.

Nice thoughts, though!

An award is waiting for you at my blog! Congratulations!

Jon said...

U just enlightened with me another dimension for lust... Totally true

Thanxx a ton yaar...Badly needed a motivation :)
I agree with what you said..and post might be uni-dimensional
But dont you think the ultimate factor that outweighs anything else is money!!

Rachna said...

Money is definitely not the only motivator. As you progress in life, the motivations reform too.

Jon said...

Could be... may be i havent seen much of life...