Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thank You

A small boy was playing by the riverside. He loved doing paper crafts. He was quite good at making ships, planes and other stuffs out of paper.
It was the season of rain and they had pretty good rain that year. There was a strong current in the river. His mom had allowed him to play by the river side only on a condition that he will stay by the river bank. There the river was shallow and it’s quite safe.
But the paper ships were not floating fast enough. He wanted the ships to tear through the water. For this he will have to move to the side of river with more action.
But the rocks there are going to be slippery. His mother had strictly warned him not to go there. But the spirit of adventure and bravery couldn’t hold him back. He was old and strong enough to stay on the rock without slipping. He had done this before when his mother was not around. Besides he was quite sure that he is strong enough to swim through these currents. His mother had gone back home to pick something. He carefully strode through the rocks and began his games.
He was quite immersed in the enjoyment. As expects his ships were floating fast. Suddenly he slipped and fell in the water. He tried to swim but the waves were too strong for him. Two or three gulps of water went in. He was starting to lose consciousness. The boy called out but there was no one around.
He floated listlessly for some distance.
A fisherman’s attention was caught by something floating. In these strong rains strange things will surely float down the river from up the hill. But he suspected it was someone who got caught in the current. Yes, he was right. He jumped into the river. There was no time to think about one’s life or chances of success and failure.
He was strong and experienced. With great difficulty the fisherman saved the boy. The boy had lost the consciousness. The fisherman had some difficulty in helping the boy regain consciousness. Thankfully he was not far from home and he had no injury.

Days later the boy went to the market with his mother. He saw the fisherman there. The boy ran to him. and held his hand. His mother followed the running boy out of curiosity and alarm. The boy introduced him to the fisherman.
‘Maa, this is the guy who risked his life for saving me from the river’
The mother, ‘Oh, so it was you. I was looking out for you. Where is the green cap my boy was wearing?’


Netha Hussain said...

What an attitude..Stories of this kind really put me to thinking.Sometimes, instead of thanking for the service done, we ask for more..The message is clear and loud..Nicely penned.

Vencora said...

makes me think of just how self-centered and closed-minded people can be, as if nothing goes on outside of that person's individual interests.

Happy Kitten said...

Nice story, but you were too harsh on the Mother :)

Jon said...

Haha ... i guess there are some mothers who love the cap more than their kids ;)